Carefully Bred, Naturally Fed.
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1600 S. Monroe Street
Baltimore, MD  21230
Ph: (410) 962-5530    Fax: (410) 962-5534
Let's Grill
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Beautifully marbled and amazingly tender steak weighing
about 12 oz each.
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Roseda, we take steak to the next level.

Roseda is a small available for you to purchase online. Roseda beef is a gourmet
product that you can enjoy in the convenience of your own home.  We guarantee that
our steaks and burgers are some of the best you will ever eat because at Roseda we
believe in a quality product. Our beef is all natural and dry aged to guarantee taste and
tenderness. We only use local cattle. Out beef is USDA inspected for quality. We believe
that Roseda is premium Angus beef to be shared with family and friends. We
encourage you to shop online. To try our famous dry aged beef and steak burgers, and
enjoy a product that we so greatly believe in